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NETROCKET is a B2B focused Digital Marketing agency — an Internet Growth Partner helping businesses acquire more clients and more Revenue through sustainable and measurable active digital marketing strategies./nNetrocket team helps to scale your Business online, using organic and paid channels:/n— SEO / Search engine optimization and promotion of your website in Google./n— PPC / Advertising in Google: Search ads, Display media ads, YouTube./n— Local SEO and Local PPC./n— Social Media Advertising: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter./nWhat sets us apart is our strong B2B experience. Our team knows exactly how to generate valuable traffic with buying intent, which translates into clients, sales, and revenue growth for your business./nWe focus on promoting B2B businesses in such industries:/n— IT companies, Tech companies./n— Manufacturers & Service Providers./n— SaaS./nOur team also has expertise and case studies in promoting such business niches:/n— Healthcare projects, Medical Centers./n— Travel projects./n— Logistics & Moving companies./n— E-commerce, Shopify shops./nAs we work with various industries and website types, we are highly skilled in managing websites built on: WordPress, Shopify, and Webflow./nOur primary expertise lies in SEO and Growth Marketing in the US market./nWe also have experience working with international clients & markets, serving projects from Australia, Japan, Singapore, Israel, and Europe./nWe work with small and mid-size companies: some invest $5,000-$10.000 monthly on their online marketing growth; with others, we effectively manage budgets of $150,000 per month on the promotion of their business online./nOur most successful collaborations are usually long-term projects with 12+ months working together, during this time we can deliver real added value to your business, and we have such success stories when we work with clients for 5+ years and have great results each year. Everybody is happy!/nLet’s Grow Online! Together. #Netrocket


Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
Email Marketing
Media Buying & Planning
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