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Tactica is an internationally recognized digital marketing agency dedicated to growing brands visibly from concept to implementation. They specialize in delivering an exceptional experience to clients of every industry. Their experienced digital marketers, developers, designers, and writers can execute any project regardless of complexity. Tactica contacted us for help building a dedicated team in Kosovo.


The goal was to build dedicated teams with specialized skills to elevate marketing effectiveness significantly. By focusing on strategic expertise and tailored capabilities, Outsorcy aimed to create a dynamic workforce ready to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the marketing landscape.


Tactica encountered significant challenges before contacting Outsorcy for assistance in building dedicated teams. Firstly, they had the dilemma of determining the specific roles they needed for their marketing effectiveness. The complexity of the marketing landscape necessitated a careful examination of their existing team's skill set to identify gaps hindering optimal performance. Deciding on the right mix of roles, including digital marketing experts, content creators, and analytical thinkers, was a strategic challenge that Tactica faced in navigating the dynamic requirements of the industry. Moreover, the challenge extended to the selection process, as Tactica had to address who to hire. Identifying individuals with the specialized skills crucial to their marketing initiatives was a nuanced task that required a balance between technical expertise and cultural fit. Tactica needed to ensure that the chosen team members not only possessed the necessary skills but also seamlessly integrated into their work environment, fostering a collaborative and synergistic atmosphere. Additionally, Tactica grappled with the issue of how to effectively monitor the performance of those they decided to hire before enlisting the support of Outsorcy. Establishing a robust system for performance tracking was crucial for gauging the effectiveness of their existing team members and addressing areas for improvement. This challenge involved developing strategies to measure and optimize performance metrics, laying the groundwork for successfully integrating dedicated teams into their marketing operations.


The initial phase of the process involved a granular skill assessment, identifying specific gaps within Tactica’s existing teams. This analysis guided the strategic formation of dedicated teams, each comprising individuals with specialized skills crucial to the multifaceted demands of the marketing landscape—ranging from digital marketing expertise to adept content creators and analytical thinkers. Outsorcy ensured that the dedicated teams complemented and enhanced the current operations, fostering collaborative synergy. This approach involved clear communication channels and regular updates, creating seamless knowledge transfer and coordination. The strategy also incorporated real-time performance tracking, enabling rapid decision-making and iterative optimization. This adaptive and agile framework empowered dedicated teams to address immediate challenges and evolve and optimize strategies in response to the dynamic nature of the marketing industry.

List of Activities

Comprehensive Skill Assessment Conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing team's skill set to pinpoint specific areas of expertise and identify potential gaps hindering optimal marketing performance. Strategic Team Formation Carefully curated dedicated teams by handpicking individuals with specialized skills tailored to the unique demands of the marketing industry. This involved a thoughtful combination of digital marketing experts, creative content creators, and analytical thinkers. Seamless Integration Ensured a smooth integration of dedicated teams into the existing workflow by conducting thorough onboarding sessions. This process minimized disruption to ongoing operations and facilitated a quick and efficient transition. Collaborative Synergy Building Focused on fostering a collaborative environment where dedicated teams seamlessly merged with established work structures. This involved team-building exercises, cross-functional training, and the establishment of open communication channels to enhance overall synergy. Regular Updates and Communication Instituted a robust communication framework with regular progress updates, ensuring transparency and alignment between dedicated teams and existing staff. This facilitated a shared understanding of project milestones and goals. Coordination Protocols Implemented clear coordination protocols, defining roles, responsibilities, and communication channels. This streamlined communication within and between teams, reducing the likelihood of misalignment and enhancing overall project efficiency. Real-time Performance Monitoring Leveraged advanced tools for real-time performance monitoring, allowing for immediate identification of strengths and areas for improvement within dedicated teams. This proactive approach enabled swift corrective actions to optimize ongoing performance. Iterative Optimization Embraced an iterative optimization approach, where strategies were fine-tuned based on ongoing performance data. This continuous improvement loop ensured that the dedicated teams were constantly adapting to the evolving needs of the marketing landscape. Flexibility in Approach Maintained a flexible approach to adapt to unforeseen challenges, emphasizing agility in response to dynamic project requirements. This flexibility allowed for quick adjustments, ensuring the strategy remained responsive to evolving circumstances. Empowering Rapid Decision-Making Giving dedicated teams the authority to make rapid decisions empowers them to respond promptly to changing project requirements. This autonomy facilitated a proactive and agile approach to decision-making.


The implementation of dedicated teams by Outsorcy produced transformative results within the compressed two-month timeframe. The strategic alignment of specialized skills led to a marked increase in the efficiency of marketing campaigns, addressing existing skill gaps and bringing in crucial expertise. This seamless integration optimized operational costs and enhanced scalability, enabling the marketing efforts to adapt and expand dynamically. The collaborative environment fostered by dedicated teams resulted in improved teamwork, knowledge sharing, and overall synergy within the marketing department, allowing the strategy to stay agile and responsive to evolving market trends. This holistic approach culminated in a positive impact on the return on investment (ROI), demonstrating the effectiveness of the dedicated team model. Outsorcy's meticulous strategy and execution addressed the initial challenges and propelled the marketing initiatives to new heights. The agile and continuous optimization approach empowered the marketing strategy to stay adaptive and responsive to evolving market trends. The positive results highlight the lasting impact of the dedicated team model, showcasing enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and overall success within the marketing domain.

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